About The Summit Place Tavern & Hanas Place Restaurant

In 1987 Hana & Joe Vargovic took over the Summit Place Tavern, and with that move they began a 27 year relationship with the wonderful city of Thorold 

The early days were the “Hay Days” of downtown Thorold, with the flight locks somewhat more lax with their restriction on sailor’s time off.  The Summit Place was a great hub for blowing off steam, with the streets full of daily hustle and bustle, the night would fall and the lights would come on. A band would hit the stage and the dancing would start. That has been the way of life within these walls.

It wasn’t long after that where Hana & Joe were serving up good times, and great food to so many that there was a realization that they were running out of room! Hana’s kitchen was serving up breakfasts and lunches to a seating area of 5 tables, and those tables were packed with people spilling into the lounge side. Well there certainly was a need for expansion and as luck would have it our great neighbor’s at Jim’s Cycle & Sports had been entertaining the thought of selling.

So in 1995 a deal was struck and pen was put to paper on the deal which saw the sale of the adjoining building to Hana & Joe Vargovic.  What happened next was a brief stint as a clothing store named Cool & Casual, which was a segway  to the master plan, a Dining Room for Hana’s hungry customers. Construction on the interior and doorway’s within the buildings allowing customers and staff to pass easily between buildings began and the Dining Room of their dreams took shape, and became Hana’s Place Restaurant.

As time passes things just kept swimming along, The Summit continues its fine tradition of entertainment and enjoys being the longest standing lounge in Thorold, while Hana’s Place keeps dishing up the greatest meals you can find in an otherwise sleepy little city.

The Summit Place Tavern & Hana’s Place Restaurant staff would like to take this opportunity to thank the wonderful patrons who have sat at our tables, celebrated life’s milestones in our lounge, and have helped build our establishments up.



Peter Vargovic – Management



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